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What is a website without technology? Various advancements over time have made it possible to design your website to fit just about any purpose you want it for. Using the best technological innovations in media and design, SuperPower Media Agency, which you may simply call SPM, offers you the best of these solutions.

Every business requires not only a good brand but also a well-established platform that will enable customers or clients to access services in the easiest and smoothest manner possible. SPM helps you achieve this through our vast knowledge and skill in website design and related techniques. We believe in the entanglement between quality and results and thus always strive to deliver the best services to you, satisfying a value for money. Our best services will mean the best results in your business; therefore, with us you bag a guarantee of not only satisfying your value for your money but also that of your clients or customers.

SuperPower Media Agency is a subsidiary of Kmoon Inc. We, therefore, handle the needs of Kmoon Inc Clients as well as Vendor Members. We strive to offer our clients and vendor members top notch services as we extend our business scope to thus establish a prominent and solid portfolio and a strong and stable client base. For a working relationship like none other, we hold deep gratitude and appreciation towards our Kmoon Inc Channel Partners, and not to forget our Business Vendor Members.


Web Design & Development

Stage 1

Information (Content)

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At this stage we gather all the information, ideas, tips, materials available and prepare the hosting and security needed.

Stage 2

Layout Design

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We put all the  information/content together, add necessary codes, tools, plugins  to customize the layout of a creative, innovative, professional and secure site. 

Stage 3


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Now, we are almost ready to launch. We optimize the website speed, secure the website, test all contact forms, buttons , setup payment gateway

Stage 4

Ready and Completed

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This is the final stage, we check all the spelling and grammar,  social media links, and complete all graphic design required. Now, your website project is made ready for marketing and advertising. 

Amazing Features

Unique Can Be Inexplicably Attractive

Business is one field which humbles an individual; it also teaches you to be patient. This is because solutions take too long to effect any changes and challenges come like battalions. SPM, however, like an oasis in the desert, offers industry-tested solutions that are not only cost-effective but are also significant in your business’ ultimate transformation. These solutions being not only topnotch but also up-to-date and thus innovative, there’s absolutely zero reasons why you shouldn’t seek them too; we have a spot for you!

Meanwhile, have a look at the following features which we use to make your website stand out from the rest.


Creativity holds so much power in business, and those who have not only realized but also acted on this have indeed tasted the fruits of their minds. We have innovative solutions that will blow your mind; why don’t you find out more?


How responsive is your frequently visited website? SPM can help to make your new or current website quite responsive so that your visitors can have an amazing mobile and desktop experience.


WordPress is one of the most powerful internet tools, and it’s sad how we’ve always undermined it. With the ability to power your website, WordPress can literally transform your business and in the easiest yet smoothest manner, change your life entirely.


Are you worried that your unique design may not be possible as you like them to be? Then you should no longer be worried because SPM can handle your custom web design needs like the pros we are. We will also ensure that your designs are 100% original and thus unique and innovative.


We do not trade Speed and Visibility for our creative and intuitive designs. Rather, we make sure they are all incorporated in our designs.


At SPM, we are up to date with the best technology to revive an old website, revitalize your existing brand or give life to a moribond online social presence.


You should have the best experience with us. We have the quality you will be bagging home. Our support team will therefore always be on standby and be waiting to resolve any issues or challenges you may have faced. We act promptly and with much kindness, You will surely get the help and a solution you need.

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We served our clients with best Digital Services

Our clients are very happy to be served best Digital Service in Calgary. We provide our service globally and we believe in a good and long term relationship with our clients. We sure that you will find the testimonials much helpful.

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Overview of best features

The well of goodness never runs dry; the same can be said about SPM’s innovativeness. Apart from serving you with quite unique yet intriguing ideas, designs and solutions, SPM goes further to help you define your objectives and map out your plans. We want you to achieve your goals and have an excellent profitable online presence. We believe that no other firm will hold your success in such high regard as we do.








For a start up business that just wants an online presence
$ 999
  • No of Web Pages (5 Pages)
  • 1 Year Website Hosting
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Online Contact Form: 1
  • Responsive Design
  • Submission to search engine (not included)
  • Social Media Management (not included)
  • Google ads (not included)
  • E-commerce enabled (not included)


For a Serious Business /Organizations / Online Shop
$ 1,699
  • No of Web Pages (10 Pages)
  • 1 Year Website Hosting
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Online Contact Form: up to 4
  • Responsive Design
  • Submission to search engine (Google)​
  • Free Social Media Management (Facebook only - 3 months*)
  • Free Google ads (3 Weeks)
  • E-commerce enabled (up to 50 products)


High end business website including a Proven marketing plan to drive sales
$ 3,499
  • No of Web Pages (15 Pages)
  • 2 Year Website Hosting
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Online Contact Form: up to 7
  • Responsive Design​
  • Submission to search engine (Google, Yahoo! & Bing)
  • Free Social Media Management (Facebook only - 3 months*)
  • Free Google ads (6 months)
  • E-commerce enabled (unlimited products)

Looking for a custom solution?

For businesses that need a unique, tailor-made design.

SuperPower Media Agency AKA (SPM) is the subdivision of Kmoon Inc that handles all Kmoon Inc Clients and vendor Members Design, Media, and technology solutions.

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Preparation is important in every step of life, and this is ours.

Here, we make our preparations so that we have everything that we need for your website’s security and hosting needs. In our preparation, we collect sufficient ideas to get us going, available and relevant materials and anything else that we may find necessary or critical.


Preparation hands us the tools; we then implement them.

Here, we make sense of all the tools and information that we collected in the preliminaries. They may include but are not limited to content, plugins, and even codes. We then implement and bring them together to come up with one unique, professional and secure website.


We’re done; just need to get a few things set up for you.

Here, we make the final touches. We’d not want you to encounter any issues in the course of using your new and professional website; we’ll therefore make sure that your website’s speed is optimized and that all buttons are tested. Your website’s security is also quite important; we’ll therefore make sure that you’re all setup with the best security for your site. We will also check any and all other tools that are meant to make your work with the website quite easy.


You’re all set, but wait just a second; you deserve the best.

Here, we’d like to hand you your completed project, but there’s one thing left to check- perfection. We will, therefore, go through any and all requisites of quality like content spelling and grammar. We’ll also check to confirm that social media links are functional and that your website is equipped with every tool it will need for optimal performance.

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